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"They did this because at that time two facts had become clearly manifest the decline of the Christian religion, and the disappearance in ordinary people of the capacity for "contemplation," that is, for the state in which alone the truths indicated in detail by genuine religious teachings can be understood." (30)


Aiėssirittoorassian Contemplation, Active Mentation, Being Contemplation

Pondering is an active process leading to the development of the Higher Intellectual center and Objective Reason. Pondering is a word that Gurdjieff uses interchangeably with Active Mentation and Contemplation throughout Beelzebub's Tales. Contemplation is itself prefixed with many qualifiers throughout the Beelzebub's Tales. See the examples below.

Contemplation and Active Mentation are related together on page (31). Active Mentation and Active Pondering are mentioned together on page (32). Other references to contemplation, pondering and active mentation appear throughout the book and are listed below. We know these various terms are related because they are all mentioned in conjunction with the process of transmuting the sacred substances abrustdonis and helkdonis for the growth of the higher being bodies: 


The practice of Pondering works according to the Law of Three by setting up a collision or 'zernofookalnian friction' between the Affirming force of newly received impressions and the Denying force of previously acquired data which leads via the resulting Reconciliation to the development of Objective Reason and the formation of the sacred substances 'abrustdonis' and 'helkdonis' which are required for the coating and perfecting of the higher being bodies. This process is similar to the practice of Intentional Suffering where the struggle against the mechanical manifestations and desires of the planetary body produces a 'Disputekrialnian friction' which leads to the formation of the sacred substances 'abrustdonis' and 'helkdonis' for coating the higher being bodies.

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