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Gurdjieff and Objective Science

If you have not by nature a critical mind your staying here is useless. (Gurdjieff)
"Mathematik is useless. You cannot learn laws of World Creation and World Existence by Mathematik. 
You must only look for Being. When you have Being you will know all these things, without the need of Mathematik."
(Gurdjieff, as quoted in Witness by J.G. Bennett)
Take the understanding of the East and the knowledge of the West and then seek. (Gurdjieff)


"Matter or substance presupposes the existence of a force or energy. This does not mean that a dualistic conception of the world is necessary. The concepts of matter and force are as relative as everything else. In the Absolute, where all is one, matter and force are also one. But in this connection matter and force are not taken as real principles of the world in itself, but as properties or characteristics of the phenomenal world observed by us." (Gurdjieff in 1915)


The universe is a being with three centers corresponding to our own; their material aspect is comprised of vibration-rates which appear to us as substances.
The universe is the body of God; it is the neutralizing force of the Sun Absolute, the manifestation of the interaction of the positive and negative forces of God. We live in the body of God, are made in the image of God and God's 'fancy' is immortality.
God is the "I" of the universe, is termed His Endlessness and is not inferior to time. Time is a perpetual perishing. It is the enemy of God. He has a purpose. Our Hope depends on our ability to discover His purpose and co-operate with it. This is the definition of religion, helping God. (Orage)


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