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Objective Reason—that Reason which should be in the common presence of three-brained beings of all natures and all external forms, and is none other than the 'representative of the Very Essence of Divinity. (27)

Objective Reason

Objective Reason is man's highest state of consciousness and the aim of the Work. In other traditions this state has been called Samadhi, Enlightenment, Union with God, Cosmic Consciousness. This state is achieved by fulfilling the Being Partkdolg Duties and by Aiësiritoorassian Contemplation.


"...sense that Uni-Being and unshakable reality beneath an exterior coated in conformity with the common-cosmic Trogoautoegocrat and surrounding conditions—a reality sacred for every breathing creature, which bears the name of 'Objective Reason.'" (28)

The sacred 'antkooano' is the name given to the process of perfecting Objective Reason in three-centered beings, which takes place by itself simply from the 'flow of time. '
As a rule, on all the planets of our Great Universe where three-brained beings breed, the perfecting of Objective Reason can proceed only from personal conscious labor and intentional suffering.
This sacred 'antkooano' can take place only on those planets on which all cosmic truths have become known to all the beings there.
And all cosmic truths become known to everyone on those planets because those beings who by their conscious efforts learn some truth or other share it with others, and in this way, little by little, all cosmic truths become known to all the beings of that planet, whatever may be their aspirations and degree of self-perfecting,
Thanks to this sacred process, intentionally actualized by our All-Foreseeing Common Endless Father in the three-brained beings of these planets, it has been foreseen that during the action in their presence of the fundamental holy cosmic law of Triamazikamno, the excess of its third holy force, namely, the 'Holy Reconciling,' obtained during the assimilation of cosmic truths of that order, should by itself crystallize in them the data for engendering that 'something' which is called 'egoaitoorassian being-will. (29)


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