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Northeon Forest - Work Philosophy - Work Exercises - Objective Science

The only possibility of creating a second body is by an accumulation of a different substance. The only aim is that everything should serve this aim.

The Aims of the Work

To live according to the five Being-Obligonian-Strivings

To Work on ourselves by applying the methods of the two Being Parktdolg Duties -
Conscious Labor and Intentional Suffering

Destroy the consequences of the properties of the organ Kundabuffer

Waking up from the sleep of ordinary consciousness

Develop Objective Reason

Develop a Kesdjan Body

Develop a Soul

Remember Ourselves

Awaken Conscience

Develop Being

Develop Real I

Develop Will

Serve His Endlessness


Fulfill our Personal Aim

Gurdjieff insisted that everyone entering the Work should have or formulate a Personal Aim. Without an aim we will get nowhere. In adopting someone else's aim, we will not be true to ourselves. Having an aim indicates that we are self-motivated and not reacting to external pressures or suggestions.

The Endless Search 2004 Ian C. MacFarlane