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Paul Beidler and Charles Luk in Hong Kong

  An extract from: Lu K'uan Yu (Charles Luk), The Secrets Of Chinese Meditation.
York Beach, Maine: Samuel Weiser Inc., 1969.


[...] To prevent disbelief in the involuntary movements described in Chapters 6 and 7, I have given a sixty-five-minute demonstration of them to two British Bhikkhus, the Ven. Khema and the Ven. Aruno who are graduates of Oxford and Cambridge respectively and who happened to be in Hong Kong. The Ven. Aruno is Mr. Harding's son. Before their arrival, I gave the same demonstration to Mr. Hugh Ripman, a British banker, Mr. Paul H. Beidler, an American engineer, Dr. Huston Smith, professor of philosophy, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Mr. Holmes Welch, author of The Parting of the Way, Madame Maurice Lebovich, a French painter, and a few well-known Chinese Buddhists, including Mr. K. S. Fung, chief delegate of the Chinese Buddhists of the Hong Kong-Macao area at the Sixth Congress of the World Fellowship of Buddhists at Pnompenh, Cambodia, in 1961.



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