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"If we contemporary men desire at the present time to do something beneficent for men of future times, all we must do is just to add to this already existing means of transmission some new means or other, ensuing from the ways of our contemporary life on the Earth as well as from the many-centuried experience of former generations, in accordance with the information that has come down to us." (46)

Online Work Group


The Online Work Group that was previously hosted here has evolved and a new crew are sailing the ship here...

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Description of the Previous Online Work Group:

This website has been designed to convey the teachings of Mr. Gurdjieff, as they were transmitted to me by Mr. Beidler, to a wider public audience than has been possible in the past, before the advent of the internet. However, reading is not doing; and while many people do Work on themselves in isolation, most students find they make greater efforts when working and sharing within a group of like-minded people. The online group that has been convened here aims to give committed students a forum where they may share their observations and insights.

Gurdjieff groups are not evenly spread across the globe, and many individuals find that they are remote from a common center where they can share their observations and insights. With this in mind, I began an internet Work Group where people from all over the globe can participate and share their observations and insights about the Work.

The format consists of a weekly Work Program that has been constructed by Seekers conversant in the ideas of Gurdjieff / Beidler as presented on the Endless Search web site. Feedback and discussion within the Group is maintained through the private online discussion forums. Lurking is actively discouraged and Members are encouraged to respond weekly to the forums about their Inner Work. It is hoped and expected that all participants in this venture will eventually, after an appropriate period of apprenticeship, be able to contribute exercises to the weekly Work Program.

You may view some sample Work Programs here.

Registration and submission of a personal biography is required to participate in the Group.

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