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Judge others by yourself and you will rarely be mistaken.

And all cosmic truths become known to everyone on those planets because those beings who by their conscious efforts learn some truth or other share it with others, and in this way, little by little, all cosmic truths become known to all the beings of that planet, whatever may be their aspirations and degree of self-perfecting. - Beelzebub's Tales (7)

"Secrecy, O Chelas!, is characteristic of three things:
illicit love-affairs, priestly lying wiles and all aberrations from the Path of Truth.
Clandestine and adulterous lovers, hiding their shameful behaviour, seek secrecy and shun publicity;
priests who pretend to be in possession of special revelations and powers, seek secrecy and shun publicity;
and all those who stray from the Path of Truth, O Disciples!, seek secrecy and shun publicity." - Buddha.

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