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Self Importance

Along the way towards developing Real I, efforts at overcoming our Egoism and Self Importance are necessary. Failure to do so will will result in the creation of a type of person Gurdjieff called a Hassnamus. 

Self Importance is a consequence of the organ Kundabuffer. Other properties of the organ Kundabuffer are : arrogance, the need to provoke astonishment in others, bragging, cunning, the vice of eating, egoism, envy, hate, imagination, jealousy, lying, offensiveness, partiality, pride, wishing the death or weakness of others, self-conceit, self-love, swagger, vanity.

A traditional method of overcoming Self Importance is submitting yourself to a good Teacher, one who is able to see the core of your Self Importance and impose "tasks" or Intentional Sufferings that may help you destroy it. This involves humiliation and one has to have enough trust and foresight to see the benefits of being humiliated and the fortitude to see it through to the end. Many Teachers end up being reviled for their efforts simply because their students don't understand the intention that is behind their being humiliated. Their ego ends up becoming even more inflated and they ascribe all sorts of evil intentions to the Teacher who caused them so much existential pain. No wonder good Teachers are hard to find; try to do someone a favor and all they do is hate you for it. As Gurdjieff says :

"Such is the nature of man, that for your first gift - he prostrates himself; for your second - kisses your hand; for the third - fawns; for the fourth - just nods his head once; for the fifth - becomes too familiar; for the sixth - insults you; and for the seventh - sues you because he was not given enough."

Self Importance Exercises

These are only a suggested starting point and Seekers are encouraged to discover and add new categories and specific situations relevant to their personal situation.


Pondering on Self Importance


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