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Reminders Exercises

Reminders are little tricks and triggers, such as  people, places, events or things, that we use to remind ourselves to Stop and observe our inner state and remember ourselves. Each Reminder should be accompanied by explicit three centered Inner Work and a Sensing exercise. One should change Reminders often, as they tend to become mechanical otherwise.

Note : These are only a suggested starting point and Seekers are encouraged to discover and add new Reminders and Inner Work relevant to their personal situation.

Suggested Inner Work

Always include a Sensing of your whole body, a part of the body or parts of the body in a sequence.

Suggested Reminders


While working on your computer, you can use the Stop! program software which will periodically pop-up a Stop message to remind you to Remember Yourself.

It works on Windows 98/ME/XP.

Download the Stop! Exercise Program


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