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...‘intentional contemplativeness,’ which is just the principal
factor for the assimilation of those sacred cosmic substances...



Pondering is answering questions from essence and answering them practically.
Pondering is a self-interrogation which consists in stripping off all the answers of association until you finally come to your own essential answer.
One-half the energy of a human being must be spent internally pondering.
One-third of one's time should be spent in pondering. (AR Orage)


"Good Lord, help me avoid the pitfalls of judging, knowing, finding and concluding." (Paul Beidler) 


Pondering is a three centered state in which the intellect is actively involved. A question or idea is held before ones mind and any answers are deliberately set aside or at minimum held as provisional pending new information. Stray thoughts are gently put aside. Pondering can be performed in any circumstance. Any question can be asked or idea entertained. The body must be Sensed. The emotions should be initially neutral, although any of the higher emotions may become manifest in the course of the Pondering. Answers, insights and revelations should be merely noted and the Pondering returned to. The goal is not answers to the question, but a deepening or rephrasing of the question itself. Some of our Ponderings may lead to Objective Reason but most will lead to more Objective Questions and a sense of humility before Endlessness.

Subjects for Pondering are endless. Many times I have had a question for my Teacher, but I resisted the urge for easy answers and instead Pondered the question, sometimes for many years. Every answer can be rephrased into a new question.

Note : Pondering should be used in conjunction with Sensing, Breathing, Evoking or Impression exercises, such that all three centers are involved and Working together towards the common Aim of All Brains Balanced Being Perception.
These are only a suggested starting point and Seekers are encouraged to discover and add new questions and themes relevant to their personal situation.

Pondering on Pondering Exercises

Seekers are encouraged to pose their own Pondering questions... 


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