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Imagination Exercises

Gurdjieff, of course, warned us against the dangers of our Imagination. Yet he also advised us to use it to our advantage in the appropriate situations. One of these uses is in the 'As If' exercises.

We are advised to sometimes in the course of our daily lives to behave like or take on, for a certain period of time, the Role of someone who is fully Enlightened or has Realized their Being.

Conversely, we can Imagine ourselves as someone who is totally ignorant of the Work or as someone who has a particular skill in the ways of the world.

Imagination is also useful when doing Role Playing exercises. We have to imagine that we are the person whose Role we are playing. We can try to Imagine their thoughts, emotions and sensations.

We should guard against self-indulgent Imagination such as daydreaming, fantasy and wishful thinking.

The Endless Search 2004 Ian C. MacFarlane