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Evoking Exercises

Evoking exercises are controversial and not much practiced in the Work Community. They are advanced exercises and require much skill and discrimination from the intrusion of the Imagination. Evoking is in a way a form of emotional Visualization.

The emotions to be evoked by this exercise involve any one or all of the manifestations of the Higher Emotional Center, specifically - Faith, Hope, Love, Compassion, Conscience, Remorse, Gratitude.

There may be times in our life where External Considering requires that we evoke the external appearance of negative emotions such as anger in order to stress a point to someone.

A suggested or chosen Evoking exercise involves consciously trying to experience in the present moment the particular Higher Emotion. In the beginning this may be hard and fraught with Imagination, but eventually, in the course of our development, the ability to experience these Higher Emotions is essential, so we might as well make a start now.

It may help to read what other Seekers have said about the Higher Emotions. Here is what Orage said :

Faith, Hope and Love are the growing ends of essence.
Faith is confidence, not belief; for example the way a lion walks through the woods.
Hope is effort, not wish; an effort to make it so and not a wish that it may be so.
Of love the first form is of self and of self in others; the second form is love of others and of self in them; the third form is love of duty or God and the other forms are by-products of it; that is, it is love of that for which the individual exists.
A being is defined in value according to the degree to which faith, hope and love have become objective in him.

Pondering on Evoking


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