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. . . it is indispensable first to learn to divide one's entire attention in three approximately equal parts, and to concentrate each separate part simultaneously for a definite time on three diverse inner or outer 'objects'.

Attention Exercises

All the Gurdjieff exercises, all exercises from any tradition, require Attention and in the course of doing the exercises, the Attention and Concentration are developed as a matter of course. In the beginning, before ones tries to develop divided attention, it is good to practice focusing all of ones attention on one thing. As one gets more proficient, one needs to work on developing divided or global attention.

These are only a suggested starting point and Seekers are encouraged to discover and add new categories and specific situations relevant to their personal situation.

Focused Attention Exercises

Global Attention Exercises

Impartial Attention Exercises

These are associated with assimilating Third Being Food. They can be practiced individually, sequentially or simultaneously.

The above can be combined as follows:

Heptachord of Sensing Exercise 1

Begin each item with a deep in breath. Perform each item during a long out breath.
1. relax all three centers.
2. sightless gaze.
3. soundless sound.
4. odourless odour.
5. tasteless taste.
6. touchless touch.
7. an ascending octave of "
AIEIOIUOA" is sounded from base of spine to crown of head.

Heptachord of Sensing Exercise 2

1: Relax all three centers.
2: Inhale and follow the smell impressions from the breath and whatever
is emitting the odour. This aroma is attached to
3: a current of inner resonance of sound being followed deep into inner
membrane whose echo corresponds with
4: a taste whose aftertaste invites reversal of
5: a diffused sight into innermost channels leading to
6: a touch in the innermost bone marrow. Having thus experienced the
will of Affirmation and falling short we will experience
7: a remorse and continually murmur "AIEIOIUOA", while longing for a
glimpse through the fog.

Gurdjieff's Attention Exercises



Pondering on Attention


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