Endless Search  A spiritual discipline for the monastery of everyday life

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For use with Intentional Suffering and other manifestations of the Holy Denying Force.

"We understand the ordinary pursuits of our lives responding to desires to be educated, well thought of, useful, admired, superior, wealthy or spiritual, as examples of Holy Denyings. We try to meet these denyings with our conscious efforts in our search which we call Holy Affirming. Both are of equal substance and importance." (Paul Beidler)

"In other words, every wish of the planetary body is taken as undesirable for their higher divine part which has to be coated and perfected, and therefore all three-centered beings of our Great Megaloscosmos constantly carry on a relentless struggle against the wishes of their planetary bodies so that there should be formed in them, in this struggle from the what is called ‘Disputekrialnian-friction,’ those sacred crystallizations from which their higher Divine being-part arises and is perfected in them." (1)

Only these sources can have this independence which transform the active elements which must serve for the Holy Triamazikamno as the ‘affirming' or ‘active principle.' (2)


"...whatever the mind tells you, you are not that. It would be good to become more aware of those false voices so that they could become a reminder for us. It is useless fighting them or trying to stop them. What is possible is to make a small stop at the very moment of hearing a mind voice of this kind, then to collect one’s attention and make an affirmation—aloud when alone, under the breath if with others. An affirmation should be made many times every day. It becomes a source of strength, especially if I practice sensing at the same time. Only the real I can know “me.” But it needs to be called, the I needs to awaken. No one can do this for me." (Mrs. A. L. Staveley)


Affirmations can be intentional thoughts, attitudes and postures accompanied by Sensing.

The thoughts can be Aphorisms, Prayers, Repetitions, Ponderings, phrases, exclamations, exhortations that foster an affirmative enduring of the Suffering.

They should acknowledge and accept that Suffering is a lawful manifestation of the Holy Denying Force and that it is the lot of everyone to experience Suffering. Although much of our suffering is mechanical and can eventually be eliminated as we lose the egoism and Self Importance on which they are based, some forms of Suffering will remain until we die, such as the loss of loved ones, sickness, war and crime. 

Affirmations for real Suffering should acknowledge its inevitability, indeed its necessity in the scheme of things as a means of developing Being.

Affirmations for mechanical suffering should stress their uselessness and waste of energy and their basis in egoistic self-love and Self Importance and all the other traits of the organ Kundabuffer.

Affirmations should be of equal intensity or force to the degree of suffering.


Note : These are only a suggested starting point and Seekers are encouraged to discover and add new Affirmations relevant to their personal sufferings

Heptachord of Enduring

This is similar to the Heptachord of Suffering Exercise

Affirm the Holy Denying Force with seven steps :

1) recognizing the inner distress as a Holy Denying. (eg. pleasure)
2) naming it.
3) accepting it.
4) using it: using affirmations. (eg. Sensing plus sightless gaze, 3 deep breaths, repeating a mantra, etc.)
5) believing it to be a required function.
6) knowing that it falls on everyone.
7) peeling it from an inner core like the petals of an artichoke by recalling or Evoking its Companion. (eg. pain)


The Endless Search © 2004 Ian C. MacFarlane