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The worse the conditions of life the more productive the work, always provided you remember the Work.

Work Exercises - A guide to Making the Soul?

The Work consists of performing various exercises classified under the categories of the Two Sacred-Being-Partkdolg-Duties, Conscious Labor and Intentional Suffering, and the Five Being-Obligonian-Strivings, the key to which is the Holy Equation. (Священное уравнение)

The Holy Equation Exercise

The Fundamental Key To Inner Work

 Упражнение Священного Уравнения

Five Being-Obligolnian-Striving Exercises

Five Strivings Exercises - Deutsch

Intentional Suffering Exercises

Intentional Suffering - Categories

Intentional Suffering - Affirmations

Heptachord of Suffering - Упражнение Гептаккорд страдания

Enneachord of Suffering

Self Importance

Role Playing - Упражнения по игре Роли

Conscious Labor Exercises

All Conscious Labor exercises should be constructed such that all three centers are involved and working together towards the common Aim of achieving a state of All Brains Balanced Being Perception.

Sensing Movements   Движения

Stop Exercise


Self Observation  - Deutsch

Evoking Exercises

Self Remembering

Will Exercises





Pondering or Contemplation





Work Programs

Work Programs - Sample Programs

Work Schedules - Template for a Daily Work Program

The Times for Work - How often should we Work on ourselves?

Work Group Organizational Structure


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