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The Fourth Way is a way in ordinary life; it is not a withdrawal from life.

Work Program 2

These are a representative sampling of Work Programs created by members of Paul Beidler's group at Northeon Forest.
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Weekly Work Program

Current Theme: The Seven Deadly Egotisms
This weeks theme: Envy 

Daily Ponder: What do I covet and why do I want it?

Morning exercise: Ponder on "All suffering begins with desire". Sense the Solar plexus while pondering.

Daily exercise 1: Identify sources of envy and attempt to admire them without desire.

Daily exercise 2: Question all impulses of covetous envy that arise in you. What true benefit would they bring?
Every time you sense an envious thought or feeling, repeat the affirmation "I desire nothing save the essential needs of my planetary body and the love of higher knowledge"

Daily exercise 3: Whenever you are envious of someone, repeat silently "It is nothing - I will Be. It is nonsense - I can Do. It recedes - I Am." while sensing your heart.

Eating exercise: Eat with full attention to sound impressions. After eating, spend a few minutes breathing consciously.

Evening recapitulation: Recall the days envies. Ponder "Does envy serve a cosmic purpose?"



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