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The Fourth Way is a way in ordinary life; it is not a withdrawal from life.

Work Program 1

These are a representative sampling of Work Programs created by members of Paul Beidler's group at Northeon Forest.
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Weekly Work Program

The seasoned seeker will be prepared to endure with equanimity the sacrifices and deprivations required for a prolonged voyage across the tumultuous seas of life towards the calm shore of being.

With conscience as his compass the seeker will prepare a fit and hearty vessel fop the rough seas ahead by sacrificing the use of a favorite stimulant for the following week. whenever magnetic anomalies affect the accuracy of his compass the conscientious seeker will remember his responsibility towards his small portion cargo of great being by raising his gaze towards the sun and murmuring "It is nothing - I will be, it is nonsense - I can do, it recedes - I am."

Each morning before embarking the seeker will weigh his anchor, set his sails and calibrate his instruments of navigation to his present position by relaxing in a three centered way and asking with measured breath "Who am I?" while visualizing an illuminated cargo radiating throughout his vessel.

When traversing calm, open seas the all-brains-balanced-seeker may replenish his vesselsí energy stores by opening wide the portholes of soundless sound and sightless gaze.

When navigating narrow, treacherous straits an alert seeker will sound his way past the shoals and reefs of pride, arrogance, bossiness and self-justification by taking a deep breath and intoning three times "po-do-bo-li-zo-va-ny" while sightlessly gazing.

Once committed to a prolonged voyage, a seeker must avoid the mirages of false harbors in the lands of knowing, judging and concluding. keeping a question always on his bow, the seeker will attempt to pierce the veils of illusion on his voyage towards reality by asking, each time that he is so tempted, "what has been overlooked?", while attending to an abiding presence.

Occasionally, sails billowed by the ill winds of emotion, the vessel is driven off itís course. not to worry - the accomplished mariner has learned how to sail against the winds of inconvenience, euphoria, anger and disappointment. the order goes out: all hands are on deck, the sails are trimmed, the rudder is set and apparent adversity is put to advantage by adopting an intentional posture supported by an illuminated skeleton.

While braving the vicissitudes of the icebergs, hurricanes, tornados and tidal waves of envy, jealousy, lust and greed the weathered seeker will batten the hatches and gird up his loins in order to calmly endure the turmoil while maintaining a calm exterior and directing the energy thus saved into a well conceived, calm, humble counter-image.

Whenever an unruly crew threatens the integrity of his course thru the miraculous seas of life by neglecting their responsibilities, sleeping during their watch or stepping out of line the uncompromising seeker will administer the punishment of visualizing his decaying corpse being devoured by ravenous sharks.

Each evening after sunset the seeker will maintain his course towards being by setting his astrolabe on the constellations of faith, hope and love and pondering in a relaxed manner : "Is faith more than belief; is hope more than expectation; is love more than tenderness?"

Each night as the seeker prepares to drop his anchor and renew his strength for the day ahead he will visualize the jetsam of egoism, hate, revenge, anticipated pleasures and rooted beliefs sinking to the bottom of the sea to be transformed by bottom feeders whose unseen planetary function within an interconnected universe attests to the panoramic brilliance of an omnipresence.



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