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Daily Pondering and Stop! Exercise Software

You can set it so that each day it will start up when you turn on your computer and present you with a question to Ponder for the day.

The program also contains a Stop! Exercise that you can set to pop-up periodically during the day and give you the "Stop!" command.

Download today and get started on some serious second conscious shock Work!

Premium Version - Daily Ponder 3.0

For Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7

The software will be emailed to you upon payment.

Credit/Debit cards accepted.  PayPal account not necessary.

Buy Daily Ponder 3.0 Software - 2.99  


  • 365 Ponderings included

  • add custom pondering files

  • Pondering exercise instructions

  • autorun at system startup

  • add custom startup sound files

  • adjust time between Stops!

  • add custom Stop! sound files

Screen Shots

Main Screen



Free Version - Daily Ponder 1.5

For Windows 98/ME/XP

Free Software Download - Daily Ponder 1.5


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